Xbox joins Nintendo and PlayStation to celebrate National Video Game Day

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  • Gamers have a lot to celebrate in the modern video game industry, from frequent announcements and showcase presentations to the release of gamers’ most anticipated titles. Many gamers have shared their regards in celebrating that today, September 12, is National Video Games Day.

  • Xbox celebrated non-divisive gaming, expressing that games are better enjoyed through a lens of equality among platforms, from PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox. National Video Games Day then ubiquitously honors and appreciates each venue that players can access games through. Modern gaming perspectives are looking toward a wholesome and inclusive view of gaming to diminish gatekeeping, arguing that an arbitrary console war only exists to push consumerism and competition in the industry.

It is always an exciting time to follow video game news or enjoy video games themselves, and National Video Games Day simply allows gamers to share that enthusiasm with others and enjoy their collective love for games. Today, different fans and outlets have offered their remarks on games and why the interactive experience is such a phenomenal medium in today’s society.

To be liked the most, however, is the image posted by the Xbox account, which portrays a gaming station in the living room where, near the TV, I am present a Nintendo Switch, an Xbox Series X and a PS5, as well as a smartphone and a gaming PC. As always, the social profiles of Microsoft consoles are able to be loved by all players, celebrating them no matter which console they prefer to play on. After all, it’s National Video Game Day!


Today’s day, which happens on Sunday, is therefore perfect for playing our favorite titles, perhaps in the company of our friends in online or local multiplayer sessions. Let us know by commenting at the bottom of what you will play today and stay connected so as not to miss further news on National Video Games Day, as studies are still underway to understand why it is celebrated on 12 September.



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