The Wolverine V2 Chroma gamepad from Razer is now available for Xbox One and PC

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  • While trying to source a new Xbox Series S/X is still a bit tricky, Razer’s new Wolverine V2 Chroma controller is designed to offer superior responsiveness regardless of whether you’re playing on Xbox or PC.

  • For the Wolverine V2 Chroma’s face buttons and D-pad, instead of typical membrane switches, Razer is using its own Mecha-Tactile Action Buttons which feature mechanical switches similar to the kind Razer uses in its gaming mice.

Priced at $150, the Wolverine V2 Chroma costs slightly more than the vanilla Wolverine V2 and just a bit less than Microsoft’s own Xbox Elite Controller while delivering even more customizability, speed, and of course, built-in RGB lighting.

So not only do you get more precise feedback every time you press a button, but Razer has also shortened up each button’s actuation distance by around 35%, so each press feels faster and more responsive. And while that might not sound like much, for ultra-competitive gamers, sometimes just a few milliseconds can mean the difference between life and death.

Additionally, like a lot of high-end gamepads, the Wolverine V2 Chroma comes with a range of customizable buttons including an extra pair of shoulder buttons up top and four triggers around back—all of which can be remapped to best suit your playstyle. And depending on the game, there’s also a switch that allows you to change the pull distance on the RT and LT triggers, so you can have a deep analog pull for stuff like racing games, or a shorter pull for shooters or fighting games.

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