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  • Anew generation of gaming is here. While Sony launches iterations of its gaming consoles every few years, it only releases truly next-generation upgrades every seven or eight years. For both Sony and Microsoft, last year was that year. With Microsoft launching the angular Xbox Series S and Series X, Sony has taken a slightly more unique approach with the PS5.

  • Easy. Yes. Not because it will bring with it a complete visual overhaul just yet, but because it feels better than any PlayStation before it, and will support all the fancy high-end features on your next TV. And, down the line, it will likely feel like more of a generational leap.

Despite the fact that the PS5 has been out for a while now, it’s still relatively unavailable. That’s thanks to a combination of the global chip shortage, scalpers buying up stock, and so on. But when the time comes, should you buy a PS5?

Sony PS5 design and ports
The Xbox Series S and X consoles take a classic approach that allows the consoles to blend into their environments, at least somewhat. Sony has taken the exact opposite approach with the PS5. The console is huge, oddly shaped, and frankly, absurd-looking.

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