Nursing student Davon Okoro doubles as a fashion designer

Fast-forward to spring 2021, and he added cargo and leather pants, bubble and denim jackets, silk shirts, and jeans with designs that nod to his affinity for mobster movies, rap, wrestling, Black culture and nursing. One shirt, with an X-ray skeleton graphic of a crouching human body, a pain scale up the sleeve, and the phrase “pain is the fifth vital sign,” connects his clothes to nursing concepts learned in the classroom and to his work with associate professor Virginia LeBaron, who studies untreated pain from advanced cancer.

Story Highlights:

  • Last fall, he found a manufacturer that created clothes as they were ordered and shipped direct to customers, which eliminated excess inventory. He hired a seamstress, pattern cutter and designer to create Guérison Globale-emblazoned buttons, a new label, finesse size charts, and expand the items offered. His second collection, released in November 2020, included a hoodie, scarves, bandanas, beanie hats, long-sleeved T-shirts and even a crewneck sweater with “love at a distance” stitched in interlacing fuchsia and violet letters across the front.

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