With Microsoft’s new modular accessories, computers are accessible to everyone

With Microsoft's new modular accessories, computers are accessible to everyone

Microsoft revealed its Adaptive Accessories at its annual Microsoft Ability Summit, a new line of goods intended at making PCs more accessible for people who can’t use a regular mouse and keyboard.

With Microsoft’s new modular accessories, computers are accessible to everyone

The other Microsoft adaptive accessories components are all about the keyboard. With the Microsoft Adaptive Hub, you get a central hub with wireless buttons in place of a traditional keyboard. It wirelessly pairs with up to four Microsoft Adaptive Buttons, allowing you to connect to your PC with ease.

The Microsoft Adaptive Mouse is the first of the extremely modular components. This revolutionary mouse may be adjusted to meet one’s specific demands by adding mouse tail and thumb support, as well as 3D-printed tails. Unlike many similar items, Microsoft claims that their new Adaptive Mouse is both light and portable. There’s even a left-handed and right-handed thumb support accessory that can effortlessly exchange sides.

Microsoft says the hub supports “standard 3.5mm assistive tech switches” and “features three distinct profiles for use with multiple devices.”

“The wireless and versatile design allows you to create the setup that works best for you, whether you are using a versatile 2-in-1 like Surface Pro, or any Windows PC,” said Dave Dame, director of devices accessibility at Microsoft.

Those new Adaptive Buttons include a D-pad, joystick, and dual-button accessories. These can be configured for various needs with 3D-printed accessories as well.

All the accessories help alleviate the pain points of using traditional keyboards and mice, as they can perform a variety of functions depending on the setup.

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