Virtual moon landing quest offered in Tottori Sand Dunes

Virtual moon landing quest offered in Tottori Sand Dunes

The tour is offered by Tokyo-based amulapo, inc. to provide space experience-themed content for up to 20 participants on Saturday nights until the end of March, except for when the weather is bad.

Story Highlights:

  • Located not far from the city center, the dunes stretch for about 16 kilometers, making them the largest in Japan.

  • Participants don virtual reality (VR) goggles when they arrive at the company’s reception area to experience a moon landing, and then wear augmented reality (AR) smart glasses to walk to the dunes.

The AR glasses allow participants to experience a lunar development program overlaid on the dunes at night. This involves carrying out five missions, including planting a flag on the surface and scooping up sand.

The tour is offered to those aged at least 18 and costs 9,800 yen ($86), including tax.

“The sand dunes looked gray and it was cold out there, which really made me feel I was standing on the moon,” said Yoshiki Takahama, 25, a company worker who came from Osaka with three friends. “It was an extraordinary experience.”

Reservations are accepted at (

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