UCF football wears space uniforms for the 5th annual Space Game vs. Memphis

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Nearly 30% of Kennedy Space Center employees are UCF alumni, according to the university. UCF has received over $191 million in NASA funding and has also earned 653 NASA awards. Two alumni — Nicole Stott and Fernando “Frank” Caldeiro — were even sent on space missions. 

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  • Since 2017, UCF has hosted the #UCFinSpace game at the Bounce House, a nod to and celebration of the university’s connection to space research and exploration. 

  • The Space Game isn’t the only influence space has on UCF football — the 50-yard line at the Bounce House lines up with launch pad 39-A at the Kennedy Space Center, that’s just about 30 miles away from campus.

As the Memphis Tigers take on UCF on Friday, here’s what you should know about the Knights’ stellar uniform combos that’ll take the field. 

UCF held its first Space Game on Oct. 14, 2017 against East Carolina. It was created to salute the university’s connection to space exploration. 

UCF football Space Game history

UCF was founded in 1963 and was named Florida Technological University. It had a focus on engineering and technology, but was later renamed to broaden the scope of its academic endeavors. 

A look at the 2021 UCF football Space Game uniforms

The 2021 UCF space uniforms honor the 40th anniversary of the Space Shuttle Program, a NASA human spaceflight program. The game is dubbed “Mission V: Discovery.”  The jersey numbers have tile codes that honor the 135 space shuttle missions from the NASA program. The jersey collar was designed to simulate the nose of the space shuttle. 

The left jersey sleeve is a nod to the wing on the Shuttle Discovery, which UCF alumna Nicole Stott launched into space. The lower left jersey sleeve’s design is based on the side of the shuttle and will feature the UCF space pattern underneath it.  The right sleeve holds the 2021 UCF Space Game mission patch. 

The pants show a pattern from the wings of the shuttle.  The nameplate was designed with the nameplate on space suits in mind. 

Here’s a look at the five alternate uniforms UCF has implemented over the past five years for its annual Space Game.  Is UCF football good in space uniforms?

A look at UCF Space Game football uniforms over the years The helmet bumper honors the lives lost in the Challenger and Columbia space missions. The helmet stripe has the names of UCF alumni, faculty and fans who worked on the Space Shuttle Program, followed by “Nauts,” a nod to UCF’s first mascot, the Citronaut. 

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