Trent Williams of the 49ers missed Wednesday’s practice

Trent Williams of the 49ers missed Wednesday's practice

This injury is still nagging at Williams despite being inactive against the Rams in the regular season finale. Williams is doing better, but still isn’t there yet. The 49ers are taking it day-by-day with him in hopes that he can be eased in before they face the Cowboys.

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  • Star left tackle Trent Williams is missing Wednesday’s practice with an elbow sprain. 

  • Given how superb of a talent Williams is, he really doesn’t need a whole lot of practice. Rest right now benefits not only his elbow sprain, but any other wear and tear from the season. Plus, it allows Colton McKivitz more reps should he get the start again in Williams’ stead.

Still, the 49ers will need Williams on Sunday against the Cowboys. The Rams do not have a real threatening edge rush. A washed up Von Miller or Leonard Floyd is not much to be concerned with. 

There is still two more days of practice to get Williams back. Should he miss the rest of the week, I would not be so keen on expecting him to play on Sunday. That is due to the “shape” he would be in “to protect himself or the quarterback in the game” according to Shanahan. So Williams being able to start will need ideally one practice to get in before.

What is a real concern is stud rookie pass rusher/linebacker Micah Parsons. This guy is going to bring trouble to the 49ers and having Williams back will help ease the concern of Parson’s presence. Not to mention that the Cowboys will have film to look at the weaknesses of McKivitz. Filling in for Williams for one game is enough to get by, but multiple games is where the 49ers start to be in danger.

For the 49ers’ sake, they better cross their fingers he heals up quick.

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