Tomorrow is the next release date of Nintendo’s India World Showcase

Tomorrow is the next release date of Nintendo's India World Showcase

Tomorrow, Nintendo will hold an Independent World Showcase focused solely on forthcoming indie titles for the Nintendo Switch. While this presentation will offer around 20 minutes of fresh information on a range of titles, the notification does not provide any more information on which games gamers may anticipate to see when the presentation airs tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow is the next release date of Nintendo’s India World Showcase

The Indie World Showcase premiers tomorrow, May 11th, at 7 am PT/10 am ET and will run for approximately 20 minutes. Fans can watch the Showcase on the official Nintendo YouTube channel or in the Indie World section of Nintendo’s website.

There are quite a few indie games coming to the Nintendo Switch that this Showcase could spotlight including titles like Neon White and Hallow Knight: Silksong. Both titles have been confirmed to be coming to the Nintendo Switch, but neither has received extensive marketing or a firm release date. In fact, both the replies and quote tweets on the original post have been flooded with memes about Silksong’s expected absence at the presentation.

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