There will be no quick response to the Baluch problem, because the command is the Pakistani army, not the government

There will be no quick response to the Baluch problem, because the command is the Pakistani army, not the government

Even if the Islamabad High Court ordered a halt to ethnic profiling of Baloch pupils, crimes against them will continue because the powerful military would not allow it, and the government of Shehbaz Sharif is powerless to stop it. In a ruling dated May 5, the Chief Justice of the Islamabad High Court instructed the Interior Secretary to devise a framework to stop crimes against Baloch people. According to the International Forum for Rights and Security, a Canadian research organization, the Interior Secretary has essentially no power to decide on this because everything is in the hands of the Pakistani Army (IFFRAS). The Army has strong control over the lives of people in Balochistan. The Army has imposed its own laws to control the area and people. The situation is similar in almost all the districts in Balochistan province.

Harassment, killing, enforced disappearance, and torture by Pakistan security forces have put Baloch people in such a situation that even the educated women are resorting to a unique form of protest including a suicide bombing which is haram in Islam, as per the thinktank. Pakistan Army can kill the Balochs but is not in a position to heal their wounds. With all this, one thing is clear the pain and suffering that Baloch people undergo are not going to be alleviated in Pakistan keeping in mind the continued pattern where many innocent Balochs are subjected to torture and harassment.

All male members of the districts from the age of 12 appear once or twice in a week in the local Military Camp for questioning. It is mandatory as per the rules formulated by the army. Let alone this, the locals in many districts of Balochistan are not even allowed to organize funerals without the approval of the Military. Even to visit a nearby town to buy household items, one needs Army’s permission. Baloch people have been voicing their concerns and protesting against this but the pleas have fallen on deaf ears. When Pakistanis were celebrating Eid, the Baloch Educational Council, Bahawalpur, Punjab, staged a protest demonstration against enforced disappearances, harassment, and profiling of Baloch students and common people.

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