Theft of a Columbus owner’s car and cart

Theft of a Columbus owner's car and cart

A Columbus businesswoman known as “The Buckeye Lady” is seeking assistance after her car and cart were taken early Sunday morning.

“I started making my traditional buckeyes and selling them and giving the earnings to my friends who had lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic,” Hindman explained.

After her pandemic project, Alicia Hindman started The Buckeye Lady.

She made $1,000 and embarked on an entirely new journey. Hindman’s business has grown so much in just over two years that she’ll be establishing a whole new store in June. She attributes some of her success to the theft of her cart.

The $2,000 cart was within the trunk.

“[Sunday] morning I walked out to my car about 9:30 and it’s not there,” Hindman mentioned.

“That cart has really shaped our company to be able to take the stuffed buckeyes around town to farmers markets, weddings, corporate events that cart has made our company about $15,000 in the past year that I’ve had it,” she mentioned.

10TV obtained safety footage from outdoors Hindman’s Clintonville dwelling and requested Columbus police if it could impede their investigation. Police mentioned it was OK to share.

Security footage exhibits an individual rummaging round Hindman’s 2018 beige Honda CRV earlier than driving off. “[I feel] completely violated. Someone took something that meant something so much to me,” she mentioned.

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