The world’s first refurbished smartphone comes with an 18-month warranty from ControlZ

The world's first refurbished smartphone comes with an 18-month warranty from ControlZ

Today marked the unveiling of the much-anticipated updated phone, following a recent successful social media campaign in which the brand ControlZ produced a huge need for environmental consciousness by increasing the lifecycle of a smartphone. ControlZ plans to be the first firm in the world to offer only phones that are as good as new on the preowned market, resulting in the creation of a new category called RENEWED, which is far superior to a refurbished phone in terms of quality and performance.

The world’s first refurbished smartphone comes with an 18-month warranty from ControlZ

ControlZ’s Renewed device is “As Good As New ‘ and is backed with industry-leading warranty assurance of 18 months, unlike a new phone that extends a warranty of a maximum of 12 months. With their unique industrial know-how, ControlZ’s devices come with 100% battery health, renewed outer shell, 200 points Full functional testing, High-quality component replacements (if necessary), a thorough cleaning and the original Operating System or a more recent version.

Yug Bhatia a smart young entrepreneur embarked upon his entrepreneurial journey by launching the world’s first Renewed phone by making an old device aspirational. ControlZ is meeting customers’ aspirations by creating a product that customers can experience innovative, functional, and effective ‘like new’ smart devices at the best possible price.

Commenting on the same, Mr Yug Bhatia, Founder & CEO, ControlZ, stated, “We are glad to have introduced sustainable technology in the smartphone category. With this, we would like to change not only the perception of a customer towards a pre-owned phone but also for all old things which are otherwise thought of as a waste ,.”

The brand’s vision is to inspire conscious consumption. Yug Bhatia’s unique mission of launching a renewed smartphone came into existence while he realised that a smartphone can be used for over 5 years but are instead used only for 18 months. With such a strong vision, he aims to set an edge of authentication in a highly unorganised market by changing the mindset of the tech users forever.

ControlZ’s phone is just like a new phone that is completely scratch and dent free and that gives a different pleasure to an end customer who now owns an upgraded phone.

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