The TCS Lending and Securitization Platform is a platform for Aadhar Housing Finance

The TCS Lending and Securitization Platform is a platform for Aadhar Housing Finance

Aadhar Housing Finance Ltd. NSE 1.54 percent has benefited from Tata Consultancy Services’ (TCS) assistance, the company announced on Wednesday. utilise the TCS Lending and Securitization platform to digitally improve its company operations.

“Our partnership with TCS is helping us realize our strategy of leveraging technology platforms to improve customer experience. Coupled with physical branch and location expansion as well as enabling third parties to source customers and external checks, we continue to leverage digitization while improving underwriting processes and efficiencies to expand the business,” said Deo Shankar Tripathi, MD and CEO, Aadhar Housing Finance Ltd.

In order to restructure its end-to-end business processes utilising the TCS Lending and Securitization platform, a blockchain-based cloud platform, Aadhar Housing Finance Ltd., an affordable housing finance company focused on the low-income housing market in India, teamed with TCS NSE 0.34 percent.

The platform has introduced business-friendly tools such as calculators, diary, route mapping, and geotagging to the client’s sales platform while eliminating physical documents and enabling automated and system-controlled documentation and approval.

“The TCS Lending and Securitization platform is helping Aadhar Housing Finance Ltd. harness the power of digital technologies to enhance customer experience and improve its market position,” said Ujjwal Mathur, Country Head, TCS India.

The platform hosted on the TCS Enterprise Cloud, has powered Aadhar Housing Finance Ltd. to connect with third parties for lead sourcing, KYC validations, document management, payment gateways, fintech integrations, and rule-based decisioning.

The TCS Lending and Securitization solution leverages solutions like loan servicing and collections to monetization of the loan asset through securitization — with consent-based sharing of data and analytics among stakeholders.


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