The Spartanburg Science Center expansion opens on February 1 | News from Spartanburg

The Spartanburg Science Center expansion opens on February 1 |  News from Spartanburg

School districts across the county utilize SSC’s programs, which include virtual science-based shows and classes. Teachers can ask for programming on a subject and someone from the organization will have a virtual lesson ready. Students 13 and up can receive help on projects and materials through The Project Place, an initiative funded by the Spartanburg Academic Movement.

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  • The 675-square-foot Contec Media Center will expand the organization’s presence on the second floor of the Chapman Cultural Center. Mary Levens, executive director of the Spartanburg Science Center, said the space is expected to be open by Feb. 1.

“The science center is discovery method,” Levens said, emphasizing a focus on tactile and experiential learning. 

To increase its online presence, SSC also created the ‘Out of the Lab With’ podcast. The podcast will feature guests from Spartanburg who work in STEM fields and teach students from third to 12th grade about career opportunities. 

Spartanburg Science Center’s Contec Media Center will be home to a virtual studio and podcast space. Provided/Neue South Collective

Provided/Neue South Collective

Contec, Inc., a Spartanburg-based manufacturer of industrial and commercial cleaning products, provided funding for the room in the Chapman Cultural Center. AFL, a Duncan-based manufacturer of fiber-optic cables, provided a grant to SSC for equipment. “We are excited to expand our partnership with Spartanburg Science Center by investing in the Contec Media Center and the lives of students who will be the future leaders and innovators within the Upstate and around the world,” said Jaclyn Deter, director of marketing for Contec.

The goal is to enhance science through programming for children and adults. Last year, the organization received funding from Milliken and Company to extend programming. The Milliken Learning Space is next to SSC in the Chapman Cultural Center and will house after-school robotics clubs and summer programs.

SSC also partnered with Spartanburg Area Conservancy and the USC Upstate Foundation to create a STEM program titled Seeing Through Their Eyes. Students were given disposable cameras and nature guides to document their findings. Those who participated were given passes to SSC and guided tours on the Cottonwood Trail and the Susan Jacobs Arboretum.

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