The release date of the second major Windows 11 update was incorrectly confirmed for 2023

The release date of the second major Windows 11 update was incorrectly confirmed for 2023

Microsoft is already working on the second major update to Windows 11, dubbed ‘Sun Valley 3’ or ‘Copper’ internally, for the end of 2023, with a greater focus on touch capabilities for tablet devices.

The release date of the second major Windows 11 update was incorrectly confirmed for 2023

Sun Valley 2 appears to be on track for a 2022 release, with bug patches presently being pushed out via Insider Builds, which allows users to try out the big upgrade before it is released to the general public.

23H2 is expected to build on Sun Valley 2 by improving existing Windows 11 apps and maybe adding a ‘tablet mode’ similar to that present in Windows 10.

However, with the switch to an annual feature release, much like Apple’s efforts, it would be good for Microsoft to announce when certain features are arriving, rather than just showcasing them.

However, there wasn’t any indication from the company during that event as to when it would arrive for all Windows 11 users. At the time of writing, we’ve only just seen it come to the Dev Channel in the recent Windows Insider builds, suggesting it could still be a while until normal users to get the feature.

Back in April, Microsoft held an event announcing the arrival of tabs to File Explorer. At last, you’d be able to manage folders and files within one window with a bunch of tabs, instead of a load of windows that would clutter up your screen.

While there’s a good chance we’ll see this in Sun Valley 2, it’s still not certain. We don’t know what’s coming with the major update, or when it will officially arrive, even though we may have already seen the tentative date leak.

So, let’s see a roadmap Microsoft. Let’s hear what the plans are for the annual releases of Windows 11, and when certain features will arrive. Seeing tabs in File Explorer is great, but it’s hard to remain excited if there’s no indication of when the feature will arrive.

The hope for Sun Valley 3 is to at least hear about what the plans are for it, and when it will arrive. This way, business users and developers will be able to prepare their organizations and apps to take advantage of the new features. Apple has already laid out its updates for macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and more, with a ‘fall’ release. And even though that’s a vague release date, it at least gives all of its users an idea as to when these updates will arrive.

I want to see something similar from Microsoft. This way, users will look forward to trying out their favorite new features, especially when they’ve bought a new laptop or tablet, rather than being confused as to when they’ll ever land on their devices.

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