The NCAA fired the national anthem singer for an “offensive” gesture

The NCAA fired the national anthem singer for an "offensive" gesture

The NCAA is punishing Zac Collier, 27, for singing the national anthem and flashing the ‘Horns Down’ gesture during the Women’s College World Series matchup between Texas and Oklahoma State last week. The gesture was deemed “unsportsmanlike” and “offensive” by the NCAA, which used that as an excuse to take away Collier’s microphone. The signage is frequently interpreted as a retort to the Longhorns’ Hook’ Em Horns. Collier spoke For The Win about his experience performing at the game and the outrageous ban that lost him his next singing contract. “After the anthem, I was going to give them a ‘Go Pokes’ [hand signal] and then a ‘Horns Down.’” That’s precisely what I did.” Collier, a Texas A&M graduate, said he was aware of the situation.

There’s only one thing that they could consider an offensive gesture and mockery, and that would have been the ‘Horns Down.’ I didn’t say anything to the coaches. I didn’t flip anybody off,” Collier explained. “I was very respectful. And I mean, I’m up there to do a job and to sing the national anthem and to sing it well, and to get the players and the coaches and the people in the stands pumped up. And I felt like I did that.”

Due to the unsportsmanlike behavior shown after your performance at the Women’s College World Series, we need to go a different direction,” the NCAA alerted Collier in an email. “You are no longer scheduled to perform Game 9 of the Men’s College World Series.”

Collier assumed the gesture would be taken as a healthy hometown prodding of the rival team but instead was branded as an offensive motion by the soft-shelled NCAA.

“The performance of the national anthem during NCAA championship events is a solemn moment for reflection and mutual respect for all championship participants and fans in attendance. Following his national anthem performance during the Women’s College World Series – during which the performer inappropriately supported one participating team, taunted the other team, and disrupted participating student-athletes and coaches by attempting to interact with them – he was asked not to perform during the Men’s College World Series.”

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