The “Long Night Edition” horror adventure “Insomnis” is now

The "Long Night Edition" horror adventure "Insomnis" is now

If you’re looking for a first-person horror experience to kick off your horror gaming year this year, Sony Interactive Entertainment Espana and Path Games have precisely the game for you with Insomnis. The game, which was originally launched in October for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam, is now available on the PS4 and PS5 as the “Long Night Edition.”

The “Long Night Edition” horror adventure “Insomnis” is now

Insomnis features a variety of puzzle mechanics, including “analogue and digital” puzzles. It also features a “morally-ambiguous narrative” for those who like those sorts of stories. The game also has multiple endings, depending on your decision-making.

Focusing on story, exploration and puzzles-solving, Insomnis sees players assume the role of Joe Castevet, who just so happens to have inherited Castevet manor from his grandfather. Unfortunately for Joe, no one told him about the mansion being haunted. In order to get out alive, Joe will have to explore the mansion and uncover his family’s dark past using a variety of items to solve puzzles contained within the mansion’s walls.

As mentioned, the PlayStation Store has the exclusive “Long Night Edition” of Insomnis, which includes the game’s soundtrack, as well as four avatars. The base game is also available at a discount on both console and Steam until January 14th.

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