The International Space Station’s Springfield Science Museum exhibition is receiving funding

The International Space Station's Springfield Science Museum exhibition is receiving funding

Federal funding awarded to Springfield Museums

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  • Earmarks are a granted funds that come without a formal request. Elected officials sponsor then advocate for earmarks, once Governor Charlie Baker approves, rejects, or amends them, the funds can be distributed.

  • “As a valued informal STEM learning space, we were very excited to continue work on the International Space Station exhibit,” said Kay Simpson, President and CEO of the Springfield Museums. “The funding secured by Senator Lesser is a welcome addition to the funds needed to open this important and fascinating gallery.”

This earmark is expected to be used in the construction of the Springfield Museums’ fully immersive representation of the International Space Station module Destiny.

More information on the exhibit can be found on the Springfield Science Museum’s website.

“We are grateful to Senator Lesser for advocating for this earmark to come to the Science Museum,” said Mike Kerr, Director of the Springfield Science Museum. “The International Space Station Gallery is sure to inspire young scientists to reach for the stars.”

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