The furniture turns any space in seconds

The furniture turns any space in seconds

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  • Resource Furniture pieces are versatile, often serving more than one purpose, which intrinsically means less furniture is required in the home. This reduces consumption of products and the materials required to build them. For example, Swing, one of the company’s cornerstone wall beds, works in conjunction with the sofa for easy set up and retraction without moving any furniture to make space. Other wall beds work in conjunction with desks.

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“Unlike a sofa bed, our wall beds are designed to be comfortable and easy enough to use every single day,” said Challie Stillman, VP of sales and design at Resource Furniture. “In a studio, for example, a wall bed transforms the way an occupant lives with and in the space. The apartment can function like a one-bedroom, and the conversion from sofa to bed also allows a mental conversion to take place — out of sight, out of mind!”

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The company also offers a seemingly small table that converts into a dining table that will seat eight guests. That’s a recipe for a successful dinner party, even in a small space. 

It also has a desk that looks like it’s part of the wall until it’s folded out to create a workspace. Anyone living, working or studying in a small space can appreciate the ability to hide a desk from sight when it’s not in use. Similarly, the company makes hidden closets, nesting table sets and modular storage solutions. The modular aspect of many of the pieces allow the user to replace parts without the waste that comes from throwing out the entire piece of furniture. However, the company is dedicated to making durable furniture and offers a lifetime warranty with that in mind. 

Even the mattresses are environmentally-conscious, made from completely biodegradable and solvent-free materials. The company relies on water-based lacquers, paints and glues to prevent off-gassing emissions. During production, the Italian manufacturer for the wall beds, Clei, recaptures sawdust and gas by-products that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere. To the very last moment of use, Resource Furniture has a plan for environmental responsibility.

This is reinforced by the selection of sustainably sourced, FSC-CoC Certified, TSCA Title VI and CARB2-compliant materials. Resource Furniture’s wall beds are constructed with composite wood panels, which contain a minimum of 90% recycled and reforested wood product. To this end, Resource Furniture is committed to material selection and production that ensures a long usable life for each product. According to a press release, “Resource Furniture facilities and furniture craftsmen adhere to the most stringent environmental, quality and ethical standards in the world.”

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