The 20 Weirdest Lines from Donald Trump’s interview for NPR

The 20 Weirdest Lines from Donald Trump’s interview for NPR

1. “Are we going live, Steve? Are we, uh.”

Story Highlights:

  • (Sidebar: Why amplify — or cover — Trump’s pronouncements? Simple. He is giving every indication that he wants to run again for president in 2024, and every poll on that race suggests he would be an overwhelming favorite for the nomination. If that were the case for any more “normal” politician, we would cover his or her every pronouncement. Simply because Trump is Trump doesn’t mean we can — or should — ignore what he says. We need to cover it — and, when necessary, which is always — provide context and fact-checking.)

  • The interview was pre-taped. So they were not going live. (In other news: “We’ll do it live!”) And away we go!

2. “Well, first of all, the mandate is really hurting our country.”

3. “And being very — the proud person that did so well with therapeutics and, and vaccines and everything else and getting them done in record times, you know, I — I have a lot to say on the subject.”

The question Inskeep asked: “What advice would you give to Americans who haven’t chosen to get vaccinated?” So, er, yeah.

I think Trump is trying to make the point that a) he is vaccinated and boosted and b) when he did get Covid-19, he benefited from therapeutics to treat it. But, like, word salad.

4. “If some people don’t want, they shouldn’t have to take them. They can’t be mandated, as the expression goes. And I think that’s very important.”

Inskeep pressed Trump on what advice he would give to the unvaccinated. This is what the former President came up with. Also, there is no saying that goes “they can’t be mandated.” 5. “Personally, I feel very comfortable having taken them. I’ve had absolutely no reverberation.”

Vaccines! Now with less reverberation! 6. “I don’t know why they would be getting the vaccine for the most part, unless they were at a certain age group and they had certain problems, whether it’s the high blood pressure, the diabetes and, you know, various things in particular.

Trump is talking about people who have already got the virus here — and arguing, contra science, that they probably don’t need to be vaccinated. Also, diabetes [Wilford Brimley voice]. 7. “If you look at the numbers, if you look at the findings in Arizona, if you look at what’s going on in Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, by the way — and take a look at Wisconsin — they’re finding things that nobody thought possible.”

Uh… 9. “You look at the number of votes. Go into Detroit and just ask yourself, is it true that there are more votes than there are voters?”

8. “The number of ballots doesn’t mean anything.” [narrator voice] They aren’t. Heck, even the shady as heck “recount” of ballots in Arizona’s Maricopa County showed that Biden would still have won.

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