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Xiaomi Notebook Pro 120G Launch Confirmed in India

Xiaomi Notebook Pro 120G Launch Confirmed in India

News Tech: The Xiaomi Notebook Pro 120G, a new high-end Windows notebook, has just been officially announced by Xiaomi India. The most competent laptop that Xiaomi has ever introduced in India will be unveiled on August 30, 2022, according to the information provided below. Crucial Selling Point The forthcoming Xiaomi Notebook Pro 120G’s 120Hz refresh rate display will be its key differentiator. An FHD/QHD resolution display with a 120Hz refresh rate is most likely used in the laptop, which should allow for smoother animations and UI and a better gaming experience.

The laptop is also expected to feature a high-resolution web camera, and it is also most likely to have a large battery and fast charging support. Doom 64, Rumbleverse Available For Free On Epic Games Store; Discounts On Other Titles by TaboolaSponsored Links India: Why Is Everyone Excited Over This Rs.2499 Smartwatch FitSense Shop Now Celebrate Independence Day with discounts on Dell PCs Dell Technologies The laptop is likely to be powered by the 12th Gen Intel Core processor, paired with an entry-level graphics card with dedicated video memory.

Gaming Monitor Most Expensive Xiaomi Laptop In India? Because the Xiaomi Notebook Pro 120G will be the most capable laptop from the company, it is also expected to be the most expensive laptop that the company has ever launched in India. Given the fact that the top-tier variant of the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Ultra already costs Rs. 77,999, the Xiaomi Notebook Pro 120G is also expected to be an expensive affair. Tech solution for less stress, A powerful reason to refresh. Shop Now!

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