Home News Tech News In India, Sony is releasing a new soundbar with a wireless subwoofer

In India, Sony is releasing a new soundbar with a wireless subwoofer

In India, Sony is releasing a new soundbar with a wireless subwoofer

News Tech: Sony India today launched the HT-S400 2.1 channel soundbar with wireless subwoofer. Equipped with S-Force PRO front surround technology, the soundbar offers crystal-clear conversations and a powerful he 330W total output, allowing customers to watch the latest movies, stream their favorite shows and more in the comfort of their own home. you can listen to music The front speakers include X-Balanced speaker units that feature a unique rectangular shape with maximized cones.

The HT-S400 comes with a powerful wireless subwoofer with a large 160mm (6.25 inch) speaker array for deeper and richer bass sound. HDMI ARC one-cable connection makes it easy to connect devices while maintaining quality. With HT-S400, users can hear front surround sound from their surroundings with high-quality Dolby® Digital using Sony’s exclusive S-Force PRO virtual surround sound technology.

It also reduces driver excursion while maintaining sound pressure, reducing distortion and enhancing vocal clarity. The separate notched edges of the X-Balanced speaker units improve vertical amplitude symmetry essential for clear sound quality. This is achieved through strategically placed rim cuts that help control stress on the inside and outside of the diaphragm’s rim. These two features ensure that you never miss a moment of dialogue or subtle, tense dialogue during energetic action sequences.

Sony’s proprietary digital sound field processing technology virtually reproduces the surround sound field with only the front speakers, allowing you to hear sound from both sides. Enjoy rich, cinema-like surround sound. The HT-S400 integrates seamlessly with Sony’s BRAVIA TV. Thanks to the integrated user interface, soundbar settings automatically appear in his BRAVIA TV’s quick settings menu, making it easy to control sound settings and volume with the BRAVIA remote control.

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