Steam Deck now includes audio drivers for Windows 10 and 11

Steam Deck now includes audio drivers for Windows 10 and 11

If you choose to install Windows over the PC gaming handheld, Valve is finally removing one frustrating constraint of the Steam Deck.

Steam Deck now includes audio drivers for Windows 10 and 11

Valve announced Windows OS support for the Steam Deck in March, allowing owners to turn the device into a real Windows gaming computer. However, the corporation did not provide audio driver support at the time. As a result, any Steam Deck installation could only play sound over Bluetooth or USB-C.

The business released audio drivers for the Steam Deck on Friday for Windows 10 and 11 systems. If you go from SteamOS to Microsoft’s operating system, the software is required to play sound through the device’s built-in speakers or 3.5mm headphone connection.

Friday’s announcement addresses the audio limitation for not only Windows 10, but also Windows 11, which can be installed over a Steam Deck through a beta patch.

Unfortunately, the Steam Deck still doesn’t support dual booting. So any Windows installation will require the user removing the default SteamOS already onboard. The other problem is that adding Windows to the Steam Deck can be a bit of hassle. You’ll need to install Windows on the device first using a USB thumb drive.

The new audio drivers can be downloaded from Steam’s dedicated website for resources on installing the Windows OS. The audio drivers also require the installation of the most current APU driver file for the Steam Deck.

Valve also adds: “To enter your product key during installation, you’ll need internet. Because there are no Wi-Fi drivers at this point, you’ll need a USB-C hub with an Ethernet port for internet.” However, you can skip entering the product key at this stage and install the Valve-provided Wi-Fi drivers later to enable the wireless internet access.

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