watching the real Mithali Raj while watching the movie Mithali Raj

watching the real Mithali Raj while watching the movie Mithali Raj

Taapsee Pannu’s long-awaited film ‘Shabaash Mithu’ was released on Friday, July 15th. The film is directed by Srijit Mukherji and produced by Viacom 18 and Colosceum Media.

Mithali Raj, who is known for her record-breaking 23-year-long career in international cricket, made over 10,000 runs in ODI. Directed by Srijit Mukherji, the film follows her journey of becoming a legendary cricketer and an inspiration to billions of girls and women across the world.

The story is based on Mithali Raj, a renowned cricketer. ‘Shabaash Mithu’ recounts the amazing story of an Indian women’s cricketer who made her debut at the age of 16, went on to captain the team at the age of 22, and had a record-breaking career lasting over 23 years.

At every stage throughout its runtime, the movie proactively tries to highlight the underlying sentiment that the team must have felt – from being belittled to being denied equal opportunities, and the fight that Mithali put up for various such issues. The film gradually blends Mithali’s own journey in cricket with that of the women’s national team fighting for its spot under the sun. It’s an emotional underdog story, minus the jingoistic tropes and chest-thumping moments.

The movie doesn’t amply showcase those edge-of-the-seat, nail-biting moments that would have unfolded in her life, especially during the 2017 world cup. Those keenly waiting to finally watch a movie revolving around Mithali, one of women’s cricket’s most iconic contemporary players, will certainly be left asking for more. Maybe a rerun of one of her milestone matches will help.

Taapsee Pannu makes a great effort to internalize Mithali Raj as a person. The highlight of her performance is that she doesn’t mimic the cricketer, but she sets her foot into her shoes and absorbs and displays the sentiments that Mithali has possibly felt at every juncture in her life. And she does that without the support of any hefty dialoguebaazi. She also seems at ease when she is on the field playing out the cricket portions.

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