Terance Mann provides up-to-date information on Kawhi Leonard’s injury

Terance Mann provides up-to-date information on Kawhi Leonard's injury

The Los Angeles Clippers will be a fascinating team to follow during the offseason. Most people would have them as preseason favourites to win the championship, but much will depend on Kawhi Leonard’s health.

“It’s a new sight for us virtually every day seeing him out there doing whatever the workouts are,” Mann told Greif. “It’s been interesting to witness. I haven’t been able to get out there with him yet, but I did talk to him the other day and planned to do so when I returned from Italy.”

Terance Mann provided a brief update on Kawhi’s health during an interview with Andrew Greif of the Los Angeles Times.

Mann has been in Italy as a coach for Basketball Without Borders and has been away from the Clippers. His team went 8-0 and also won the championship.

There were many players that stepped up in the absence of Kawhi Leonard last season, leading the Clippers to a 42-40 record and the 7th seed, Mann included. It’ll be interesting to see how players like Terance Mann, Luke Kennard, and Amir Coffey will contribute when Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are both back in the starting lineup. The Clippers will have so many options to compete for a championship, all that remains is the work, health, and execution.

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