Former Clippers Guard Responds to Lakers Rumors

Former Clippers Guard Responds to Lakers Rumors

Patrick Beverley of the Utah Jazz is currently unsure of his future. Beverley, who was acquired in the Rudy Gobert trade, is waiting to see which direction the Jazz will take. Beverley, an impact player who has made the playoffs every year of his career save 2017-18, when he played only 11 games, is not interested in tanking.

If Utah were to begin a rebuild, keeping 34-year-old Patrick Beverley and his expiring contract around for next season makes little sense. For Beverley, who has helped lead every organization he has played with to the playoffs, he just wants to know what the plan is.

While there is no official indication that the Utah Jazz are on the verge of a full rebuild, the Rudy Gobert trade fueled conjecture that the franchise may also be ready to let go of Donovan Mitchell, signalling the start of a full reconstruction.

“Utah, ya’ll tryna win or ya’ll tryna tank? Let me know,” Beverley said during an Instagram live session. “We gonna take Utah all the way, or Utah gonna say they don’t need me, and we can go somewhere else?”

With several Lakers fans spamming the comments of his IG live, asking Beverley to join their team, the veteran guard said, “They want me to go to the Lakers? Same people that was booing the shit out of me when I was with the Clippers.”

The former LA Clippers guard seems open to either scenario, assuming the Jazz would help him land elsewhere if they plan to rebuild; however, Beverley does have some specific thoughts on the Los Angeles Lakers.

While it is not uncommon for opposing fanbases to boo rival players, the hate Beverley has received from Lakers fans the last several years has certainly gone beyond what would be considered standard. Recognizing this, Beverley finds it interesting that Lakers fans are now asking him to join their team.


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