Boomer & Gio’s Moment of the Day 3/12/2021: Freebie Friday

Boomer & Gio’s Moment of the Day 3/12/2021: Freebie Friday

Some technical difficulties with Friday’s Moment of the Day led to a double! It was supposed to be some Ewing/credential chatter, but the audio board decided to take an early Friday, so Eddie had to cover with the story of Gio getting dunked on by Karl Malone.

“One of the great moments I’ve had in radio is when Karl Malone dunked on me in the studio. There was a Nerf hoop on the door and I challenged him, because I thought at his age, I would be able to defend him,” Gio said, harkening back to his days hosting Gio & Jones on CBS Sports Radio.

Apparently, Brian Jones (a former NFL linebacker who knows better) knew Gio was crazy, but it went on.

“I was in terrible shape, but I was like ‘Karl, you’re up there now,’” Gio said. “So Karl grabbed the ball, backed me down, stuck his ass into me, and dunked on me…and I was like ‘that’s the coolest thing ever! I just got embarrassed by Karl Malone!’”

On the bright side, the swap…

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