3X2 Hitches are the offensive basic elements of the Colts

3X2 Hitches are the offensive basic elements of the Colts

Despite starting four (nearly five) different quarterbacks over four years, the Indianapolis Colts have consistently had one of the league’s best offences under Frank Reich. In this new series, I attempt to provide some light on why the Colts’ offence has remained efficient despite turnover.

Sticking with the passing game, let’s dive into another shorter passing call. While this play call may not have a typical name league-wide, from what I could find, I have decided to just call it a 3X2 Hitch concept. With this play, the offense has five receivers across the formation all running hitch or curl routes. It is a quick-hitting play designed to get yards early in the series.

In this instalment of the Colts’ Offensive Staples series, I’ll look at some of Reich’s favourite play calls for this offence. Things obviously change with changing quarterbacks, but Reich has remained fairly constant on a couple of his go-to plays over the years.

In today’s Colts’ Offensive Staples piece, I dive into the Frank Reich’s background with this call and how the Colts have used this play to success over the years.

Ken Whisenhunt’s Influence
Former NFL Coach Ken Whisenhunt has had quite a bit of an influence over Frank Reich’s career. Whisenhunt was the Head Coach of the Arizona Cardinals back in 2012, a year in which Reich was also the Cardinals’ WR Coach. When Whisenhunt was fired after the season, Reich followed him to the San Diego Chargers to be the QB Coach for Philip Rivers

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