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JRC is encouraging downtown businesses to sign up for the Storefront Mastery program

JRC is encouraging downtown businesses to sign up for the Storefront Mastery program

In Science and Space: JRC held a session earlier this month for local stakeholders and business owners. The “Storefront Guy,” Jaime Izurieta, participated in the training.

Izurieta’s lecture, a panel discussion with regional business executives, and a tour of the downtown area were all included in the JRC’s workshop. According to Besse, the workshop offered local businesses the chance to learn about “best practises,” various concepts for storefront locations, how JRC, the Department of Development, and other organisations can support the downtown area, as well as how the community can come together to “create a sense of identity and place,” through these and other topics.

Izurieta was characterised by Urban Core director Frank Besse as an outsider with substantial commercial expertise and a “passion” for main street and downtown establishments.

Izurieta urged community and business leaders to evaluate their “feeling of identity” and identify what makes Jamestown special as part of the session. He exhorted corporate executives to foster a “feeling of pride” in the neighbourhood.

Besse claimed that while many business owners were encouraged to think about introducing fresh strategies or enhancements for their organisations, other business owners felt validation in Izuieta’s talk. He realised that building a successful storefront requires a significant commitment of time, effort, and attention to detail.

According to Besse, “it gave them a little confidence that they are on the right course and that they are doing things that are worthwhile.” It was encouraging to hear that they believe they are on the right path. In order to assist the firms that attended the storefront mastery course in achieving their improvement objectives, JRC plans to implement certain grant financing alternatives for them. In the interim, local businesses are already collaborating with architects, builders, and other possible partners to take the next steps to develop the downtown area, according to Besse.

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“One of the things we know is that if everyone can kind of do their part to make things more attractive and more welcoming, that’s going to help downtown have a little more buzz and energy and promote those businesses, so people know about them,” the author says. Besse believes that by collaborating to raise the “aesthetic level” of downtown Jamestown, locals will be inspired to stroll more and frequent nearby shops more frequently. He emphasised the significance of each company and group working together to upgrade storefront locations in order to produce a “compound” effect that could benefit the entire neighbourhood and make Jamestown “a better place.”

Besse said the event also serves as a reminder of the significance of the JRC’s efforts in the downtown area. The workshop and the storefront mastery programme were intended to encourage and assist progress for neighbourhood businesses, she added. “It’s assisting in educating and empowering business owners to see where they play that role, but then also, when those business owners are looking to undertake additional steps to do a better job with their storefront, that puts pressure on the Jamestown Renaissance Corporation, on the city, to make sure that we’re holding up our end of the bargain,” he said.