Samsung’s latest Family Hub update turns your smart fridge into a TV

Samsung's latest Family Hub update turns your smart fridge into a TV

Samsung has released a new update for its Family Hub refrigerators that adds Samsung TV Plus — the tech giant’s free, ad-supported live TV service — to refrigerators with built-in tablets.

Samsung’s latest Family Hub update turns your smart fridge into a TV

I have attempted to watch TV on a Family Hub and it’s not a great experience — it can only use a small horizontal area in the middle of the fridge’s vertical 21.5-inch screen. A Google Nest Hub Max or Echo Show 10 makes a better kitchen TV, but those take up counter space. Samsung’s fridge does also double as a smart speaker, with Amazon’s Alexa and Samsung’s Bixby voice assistants co-habiting in the device, a rare coupling.

The company announced on Tuesday that the update (which was) will arrive in July, with the live TV option available only in the United States and Korea. Users of Samsung’s smart fridge may currently watch television on the built-in touchscreen by mirroring video from a Samsung TV or content from a Samsung smartphone. But if you do not have one of those gadgets, your fridge is doomed to be boring.

An overview of the new features coming to the Family Hub in July. Video: Samsung I’ve also attempted to watch Samsung TV Plus on a Samsung TV and while there are over 200 channels of free, ad-supported live TV as well as on-demand content, it’s a wholly random assortment of stuff. Yes, there’s CBS News and CNN Replay, plus lots of food channels and kids’ channels, but there is also a channel that just plays Baywatch 24/7, and another one for Antiques Roadshow.

Another feature Samsung is porting from its TVs to its smart fridge is an art mode. Family Hub fridges will get access to an app that turns the device’s screen into a piece of art. It looks very nice on the Bespoke line of . These come in a variety of colors and have a bezel-less design for the screen so the art blends into the fridge door. Plus, you can .

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