OH buys Springs Health Center complex for $ 18 million | News

OH buys Springs Health Center complex for $ 18 million |  News

According to Daviess County Property Valuation Administrators’ records, OH paid $18 million for the complex in December.

Story Highlights:

  • The complex, formerly owned by the Malcolm Bryant Corporation, will add five additional buildings to the healthcare system’s portfolio.

  • OH was previously leasing one building in the complex and the OH Outpatient Imaging facility. OH already owned one of the buildings where the OH COVID-19 Testing Center — formerly Physicians Affiliated Care, PSC — is located.

The complex currently houses 45 tenants of various independent practices, including The Springs Urgent Care.

For the time being, Marsh said the goal will be to maintain a positive partnership with current tenants and assess each of their needs.

OH CEO Mark Marsh said the purchase will not affect the current tenants, whose leases will remain intact.

“We want to make sure to maintain all of those providers and other services there. We want to be great partners for them. We have no intent to make changes with those. Many of those leases go out for many years and we want to maintain those and make sure we maintain great relationships with the current tenants,” he said.

However, he said, the purchase provides an opportunity for expansion at OH should any of the current providers at the complex decide to retire or transfer ownership of their practices to OH. Marsh said there are already ongoing discussions with The Springs Health Centre providers about potential moves.

“Even if we maintain the leases, we know there are some that are … going to be retiring,” he said. “We don’t have all the specialties that we need and we’re pretty full at capacity at our medical office building at the main campus. It gives us, now, some flexibility … to bring in more providers to give patients greater access in the future.” As the main OH campus is maxed out at present, Marsh said this purchase was an opportunity to think about how to move forward and continue expanding in the future.

“We want to maintain a great relationship with the providers that are there, but we think it gives us a greater capacity for the future as we think about the future growth, both for Owensboro and Owensboro Health,” he said. “This really gives us convenience, which is really important for access; so we want to make sure we have great access for our patients, and certainly, somewhere they are familiar with.” Additionally, Marsh said he believes there is a lot more room for growth in the Kentucky-54 area, in general, and this purchase creates an opportunity to open up that potential.

“We’re going through kind of a two-year strategic plan right now, so a couple of those key drivers for us are greater access and more affordable healthcare. With the growth and expansion going out on 54, we know we’re going to be bringing a lot more providers and physicians in,” he said.

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