Number 10 apologizes to Buckingham Palace for “deeply regrettable” parties on the eve of Prince Philip’s funeral

Number 10 apologizes to Buckingham Palace for "deeply regrettable" parties on the eve of Prince Philip's funeral

“You juxtapose those pictures of the Queen sitting on her own, everyone felt terrible for her, and then you have a mental image of people in Downing Street partying until the early hours, just literally hours before that, and it’s really hard to excuse that.”

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  • “I’ve spoken to a few Tory MPs today and yesterday, they’re very angry about the Prince Philip story,” he said. “They were angry already but I think they feel the Philip story is terrible for the Prime Minister.

  • One MP had received 250 emails on the issue, Gordon continued – 95 per cent of which were “damning”.

“Even the Queen couldn’t sit next to her relatives and her loved ones as she mourned her husband,” added comment journalist Mutaz Ahmed.

“In Downing Street, people were swinging on children’s swings”

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