Mars Hill Realty Group Announces New Guarantees for Property Owners | State

Mars Hill Realty Group Announces New Guarantees for Property Owners |  State

Risk-reduction is one of the most important tasks for a property manager. This is one of the main reasons clients seek out Mars Hill Realty Group’s services. The leadership at Mars Hill Realty Group has developed strategic processes that reduce risk and result in a hassle-free investment, so much so, that they share the risk with clients with their unique and uncommon guarantees, which include:

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  • According to founder and president, Edward Lui, “At Mars Hill, our goal is to create and maintain the financial success of our clients’ investments while freeing them from day-to-day management tasks that cost them time and money. With our unique guarantees, we are able to offer enhanced risk mitigation for our clients, giving them peace of mind.”

  • Tenant Replacement Guarantee – If Mars Hill Realty Group puts a tenant in a property and they need to terminate the lease early, for a reason not allowed in the lease, Mars Hill will replace that tenant with another qualified tenant and waive their leasing fees.100% Satisfaction Guarantee – Contract cancellation is allowed with 60 days notice.Rented in 60 Days Guarantee – Mars Hill Realty Group will find a tenant within 60 days from when a home is vacant and in move-in ready condition or credit the first month management fee.Property Peace of Mind Guarantee – Mars Hill Realty Group will offer a $500 credit for any property damage that they cannot collect from the tenant.Eviction Free Guarantee – If Mars Hill Realty Group puts a tenant in a property and then needs to obtain a judgement for non-payment of rent, the company will cover the cost of the eviction process up to $1000.

Mars Hill Realty Group is a veteran owned business that operates out of Northern Virginia, including Arlington, Virginia, Fairfax, Virginia, and all surrounding areas of Northern Virginia, Metropolitan Washington, D.C. (DMV), and Austin, Texas.

Mars Hill Realty Group is a full-service property management company serving Northern Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C., and the Austin, Texas area. Based in Centreville, Virginia, the company is committed to the belief that real estate investment should be hassle-free. Their expertise is in making sure real estate investments are being properly managed and leveraged so that they are making clients money. To accomplish this, they provide full-service property management services. Their strategy revolves around building strong professional relationships within their own teams as well as the service providers that they use to ensure that their clients’ experience is a positive one. Their family of agents, vendors and community of owners all benefit from their passion for fair business practices.

About Mars Hill Realty Group

Whether it is managing a rental property, buying or selling a new home, or assisting with finding a new investment property, Mars Hill Realty Group provides a locally owned, full service real estate company to help their clients achieve their optimal goals. Their 30 years of experience in this industry, along with also being investment owners themselves, gives them the unique position to fully understand what it takes to create a positive property management experience.

For more information, please visit their website at: or call the company directly at 703-776-9223.

Media Contact Edward Lui, Mars Hill Realty Group, 1 703-776-9223,

Josh Fertel, River City Marketing, LLC, 703-218-1750,  

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