Marcus Hudson climbs the Mars Wrigley ITR; Raghav Rekhi to leave

Marcus Hudson climbs the Mars Wrigley ITR;  Raghav Rekhi to leave

At the same time, Raghav Rekhi, Global Commercial Director of the unit, is to return to Dubai to take up another position with the confectionery company.

Story Highlights:

  • Current Global Customer Development Director for Mars Wrigley International Travel Retail (ITR) Marcus Hudson is set to take on the role of Sales Director, effective 17 January.

  • In his new role, Hudson will be responsible for leading the recovery of Mars Wrigley’s global travel retail business and joins the NL/ITR leadership team, reporting to Jack Tabbers, General Manager.

Hudson entered the industry in 2007 as a trade marketeer for British American Tobacco’s (BAT) global travel retail division.


Jack Tabbers, General Manager, Mars Wrigley ITR.

In 2016, he joined Mars ITR as Customer Effectiveness Manager and was promoted to Customer Development Director in 2019.

Among his list of achievements at Mars Wrigley ITR is implementing the organisation’s customer-centric structure, building team engagement levels during the pandemic and providing ongoing support to airport key partners and customers.

Rekhi, a familiar face at Mars ITR since he joined the global leadership team in 2018, will end his assignment with the company on 15 January. During his tenure with Mars ITR he has played an important role in simplifying the portfolio while driving the unit’s growth.

Most recently, he has steered Mars ITR through the pandemic, helping to position it ahead of the category’s recovery rate. Jack Tabbers, General Manager, Mars Wrigley ITR said: “Throughout his work, Raghav’s commitment to delivering results, his passion for developing talent, coupled with a strong collaborative approach and ambassadorship of our culture have shone through and he will be much missed by the unit.”

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