Malik Willis of the Titans responds to Ryan Tannehill’s words about mentoring

Malik Willis of the Titans responds to Ryan Tannehill's words about mentoring

In the question regarding Willis, Vrabel thought Tannehill came across as “genuine” and “real.” Vrabel added, “I felt Ryan handled that really well.” “I’m aware that Ryan is an excellent teammate. Everyone knows he’s a fantastic teammate. His work does not include mentoring. His job is to prepare so that he can help us win a lot of games while also being a wonderful teammate. And I have no doubt that he will. So (the statements) didn’t bother me in the least.” “I’m not going to attempt to assess the reaction on social media,” Vrabel said of the reaction to Tannehill’s remarks. “All I have to go on is what I know and how I feel.” … I’m looking forward to bringing everyone together.

Vrabel felt that Tannehill came across as “genuine” and “authentic” in the question about Willis.

Willis said he had no problems with Tannehill, adding that the veteran quarterback recently invited the offensive skill players over to his house. We chopped it up. It was never anything negative,” Willis said. “Ryan is a good dude. … Everything is cool, man.”

“I thought Ryan handled that very well,” Vrabel said. “I know Ryan is a great teammate. Everybody here knows he’s a great teammate. (Mentoring) is not his job. His job is to prepare to help us win a bunch of games and be a great teammate and help out. And I know that he’s going to do that. So (the remarks) were not any sort of issue for me.”“I’m not going to try to take a gauge on the social media reaction,” Vrabel added of the response to Tannehill’s comments. “I can just go by what I know and how I feel. … I’m excited to get everybody working together and building competition. Everybody knows we’re trying to build competition throughout every position and we’ve been through this: the veterans’ job is to come in here ready to go. We’re trying to find younger, better, cheaper players. That’s how it goes every year. And (the veterans’ job) is to not let that happen.”

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