Lefevers: People should rely on the facts of COVID-19 science

Lefevers: People should rely on the facts of COVID-19 science

You recently posted a letter from Brian Reilly (“Reader believes COVID-19 hyped for purpose,” Sun City Independent, Jan. 12, 2022), who stated that this year, “COVID-19 will be shown to be a worldwide, psychological campaign to create irrational fear to manipulate and control the world.”

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  • I wanted to share some of my thoughts on the COVID-19 pandemic. My opinions and thoughts are based in scientific fact. Yes, there are still facts which are indisputable, and they are called scientific facts.

  • Not my words.

We know that many people will believe these lies, just as many have chosen to believe in a god and religion (neither of which are scientific in nature). So, my effort is to denounce his lies regarding the pandemic.

His letter, the one you chose to post in your newspaper, reminds me of Q-Anon’s beliefs. My personal opinion is that these views are completely irrational because they are not founded in fact. But you know, the story of religion must have sounded really outlandish to the first ones to hear about it. Can you imagine?

I would like to know where Mr. Reilly got his information regarding COVID-19. The things he included in his letter were so outlandish that I couldn’t really respond to each item. Opinion is one thing; but absolute baseless propaganda is something else altogether.

I think people believe whatever makes them feel good, basically. Personally (although I was raised Catholic) I believe in no supreme being. I think (based on my experience) when you die it goes black and that’s it. But see, that’s what I actually want to happen after death.

Spreading misinformation regarding a life-threatening disease puts peoples’ lives at risk, obviously. How, may I ask, is that a Christian thing to do?

For those of you who are complaining about panhandlers, try doing this. When you see a panhandler, instead of judging them harshly, try thinking to yourself, “What if I were in their shoes, through no fault of my own?” That will change how you feel. Isn’t that supposed to be part of your religion anyway, choosing not to judge, rather than judge?

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