Jack Del Rio’s statement could jeopardize the Washington Commanders deal

Jack Del Rio's statement could jeopardize the Washington Commanders deal

The Washington Commanders spent $100 million for around 200 acres in Virginia in May, a move that is thought to be the first step toward the team’s new stadium. FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland, where the Commanders play their home games, opened in 1997. The state of Maryland has pledged $400 million to develop the property surrounding FedEx Field, and the Commanders, which are owned by Daniel Snyder, are considering their choices.

“If that was the case and it was just him, but it’s not,” McPike said. “And you guys have covered this and it is plenty of other stuff going on unfortunately in the organization that it creates a lot of questions. Not only that, as you remember the last time we talked I said my number one issue is traffic and transportation. I have not heard anything about how they’re gonna deal with it. And so I said I’d listen.

However, the procedure is becoming more complicated as a result of so many unfavourable instances in which the Commanders, former Washington Football Team, and previous Washington Redskins have created and pushed hostile work environments.

“I met with (Commanders President) Jason Wright after we talked on the show last time. I met with him last week. And frankly, I was also scheduled to sit down with him tomorrow, but that’s off. I’m not going. It’s just done. I mean there’s too much stuff going on in the organization, too many unanswered questions. I mean, they’ve got to get it together.

“I’m a lifelong fan. I love, love seeing football, and good football, and I said last time, I’ll say it again: I believe in Ron and I think they’re gonna have a good season, but dang, I mean how many distractions can you put on the table at once?”As generally happens in life, the Commanders have done all of the fooling around, and it now appears that the inevitable finding out has come to pass.

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