In Italy, a helicopter crash killed seven people

In Italy, a helicopter crash killed seven people

The helicopter that vanished from air traffic radar screens on Thursday was found and all seven people on board were killed, according to Italian authorities. After discovering possible crash remains at Monte Cusna, a mountain in the central Italian province of Emilia Romagna near its border with Tuscany, a hiker passing through the area contacted authorities. According to reports from the Prefect of Modena in Emilia Romagna, the pilot, an Italian, was killed in the crash, along with four Turkish residents and two Lebanese.

Video footage of search efforts showed the area around the 2,121-meter (nearly 7,000 feet) Monte Cusna as densely wooded and almost entirely uninhabited. Monte Cusna is part of Italy’s picturesque Apennine Mountain Range. Authorities initially found five bodies on Saturday. A few hours later, the remaining two bodies were located.

Italian authorities had been conducting a search for the helicopter and its passengers since Thursday when the chopper was lost en route from the Tuscan city of Lucca to Treviso, a city located north of Venice. The aircraft went down after hitting an area of bad weather. Italian officials have not issued a statement about the potential cause of the crash.

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