Here are all the new skins of TFT Lunar Legends Festival

Here are all the new skins of TFT Lunar Legends Festival

Lunar Legends Festival Little Legend brings Tiger Protector

Story Highlights:

  • With new orbs, eggs, emotes, maps, Booms, and more, the event promises free rewards and some big bundles for those looking to spruce up their Little Legend or map. Here are all the important details of the Lunar Legends Festival event.

  • The Year of the Tiger Protector is the brand new Mythic Little Legend for TFT fanatics to collect. In the same line as other feline Little Legend Protectors, this new one takes the bright aesthetic of gold and red and adds a distinctly Chinese New Year flare to it.

The Year of the Tiger Protector can only be obtained as a rare drop from Lunar Legend Festival Year of the Tiger orbs. These orbs can be bought individually for 390 RP a piece, or 31 of them can be purchased through the Year of the Tiger Orb Bundle.

The Golden Tiger Market arena is exclusive to event

The festival also brings a new chibi Little Legend for players to pick up, especially if they want to try out a new look for their Chibi Jinx skin. The new Chibi Firecracker Jinx has all the appeal of the original Chibi Jinx, but with the red and gold flare signature to the Firecracker skin line. Chibi Jinx can obtained as a rare drop from a Festival Firecracker, the loot orbs for the Lunar Legend Festival.

Finally, the Golden Tiger Market arena is a stunning gold and red market with a great tapestry depicting a dragon and tiger intertwined builds the ambiance of this bright night market well. The Golden Tiger Market arena is only available through the Lunar Legend Festival 2022 Megabundle, which will run players a whopping 12,740 RP if they want to get everything that the Lunar Legend Festival offers.

Additionally, new variants have been added for Duckbill, Dango, and Dowsie Little Legends, each of which can be opened in the event eggs. A few free rewards, including a Festival Firecracker, Year of the Tiger egg, and emote will be available to all Teamfight Tactics players.

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