Geico Gecko visits Aperture Science in a new Portal ad

Geico Gecko visits Aperture Science in a new Portal ad

To be fair, some effort clearly went into this. Ellen McLain, the actress who played Glados in both Portal games, reprises her role here. According to PC Gamer, Geico reached out to Valve Software about the collaboration, and Valve was glad to help.

Story Highlights:

  • In one of the most bizarre video game-adjacent commercials perhaps ever, The Gecko (yes, that’s his name) visited Glados and Chell from Portal. Only to drop his famous line about switching car insurance — you know the one! This ad would’ve made it on our weirdest news of the year had 2022 not already rolled around.

  • Check out The Gecko Visits Portal for yourself below.

Yup, that’s undoubtedly a lizard asking a homicidal robot if she needs to save money on car insurance, alright. Portal fans only get scraps these days; it’s a shame.

Written by Kyle Campbell on behalf of GLHF.

When Valve isn’t doing strange collaborations like this, it’s busy dealing with  DOTA 2 esports troubles. Granted, the company is probably too busy swimming about in giant pools of gold most of the time due to how  popular Steam is lately.

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