Firefighters say heaters are the main cause of winter fires News

Firefighters say heaters are the main cause of winter fires  News

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  • With the temperatures getting colder, space heater usage is on the rise. More heating equipment in use comes with a greater chance of a fire.

  • With the temperatures getting colder, space heater usage is on the rise. More heating equipment in use comes with a greater chance of a fire. 

After a fire killed 17 people in a Bronx apartment, fire departments throughout the country are reminding residents to be aware of safety issues when setting up a space heater. 

“Our ultimate goal is to provide education, enforcement aspect and engineering side to ensure tragedies like this don’t happen in our city or anywhere else,” said Matthew Knott. 

The division chief for the Rockford Fire Department said fires can happen anywhere and can be prevented through preparation.   

Heating equipment is the leading cause of house fires in the U.S. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, they account for more than 25,000 residential fires and deaths annually.  

Here are some preventative tips from the Rockford Fire Department:  

Make sure your heaters are approved by one of the national standards before turning on your space heater  Don’t use an extension cord; plug the space heather directly into the outlet 

Make sure the space heater cannot tip over   Keep 3 feet clearance  

Sleep with the door closed   Have the chimney cleaned and inspected  

Have a home escape plan  

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