Everdome reveals the ultra-realistic launch and settlement of Mars Metaverse – My Startup World

Everdome reveals the ultra-realistic launch and settlement of Mars Metaverse - My Startup World

“The future of the internet will be a full exploration of our senses, and more of a destination than just a tool as it is now. With this mentality our team has set out to provide an opportunity for everyone who is interested in a very real-to-life version of the metaverse.” states Rob Gryn, CEO and Founder of Everdome & Metahero.

Story Highlights:

  • Everdome will be the most hyper-realistic verse across the entire landscape of the metaverse. People, brands, and organizations that are looking to showcase themselves, their brands, or their products in the highest quality will make Everdome the place where they can truly demonstrate their experience.

  • Everdome – The Dome(s)

As part of the ecosystem involving Metahero, and WDW, Everdome will act as the destination for Metahero/WDW’s ultra-HD avatars and real-world scanned objects. Everdome will provide a destination for Metahero’s remarkable tech to live, interact and flourish. Taking Metahero from the gateway into the metaverse, together with Everdome, to a fully ubiquitous web3 experience – to the point where, when you take off your VR headset you won’t be able to tell what’s real and what’s not.

As referred to as their ‘Dome-estate’ offering, Everdome will provide a place for for individuals, companies, brands, communities, and anyone interested in the metaverse a very real-to-life web experience to buy/sell land, rent property, build store fronts and even run marketplaces to existing and new audiences.

Everdome Offering

“The metaverse is a game changing paradigm shift in the way businesses, consumers, governments and organizations will interact with their stakeholders and each other. Metahero is at the forefront of leveraging this innovative new technology to deliver even more profound experiences. We are all at the beginning of this exciting journey and want others to share in its unlimited possibilities,” said Bally Singh, Chief Marketing Officer for Metahero.


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