Endgame’ theory reveals the real villain wasn’t Thanos

Endgame’ theory reveals the real villain wasn’t Thanos

Even superheroes have to pay a price sometimes. In Avengers: Infinity War, Doctor Strange willingly gives up the Time Stone in return for Iron Man’s life. But before that, he uses the stone’s powers to travel in time and see just how the threat caused by Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet could possibly work out. According to him, only one of 14,000,605 possibilities results in a victory.

But… surely there was a way to get out of that. Couldn’t Strange have just stopped Peter Quill from waking up Thanos right before Tony Stark and Spidey yanked off the gauntlet? Maybe, but what if Thanos wasn’t the target of Doctor Strange’s plan at all? A new fan theory explains this plot hole by evoking not only Dr. Strange’s thought process but the ethics of Thanos himself.

The theory — Redditor u/Hendersonismyhero explains that only one of those eventualities 14,000,605 is a victory because, to him, the only reasonable endgame (no pun intended) would be for all the stones to be destroyed at the same time. He knows just how much destruction could be caused by only one stone, and having five scattered around the galaxy would prolong the fight against those wielding the stones and possibly result in a worse event than the Snap itself.

Even if Thanos was defeated, as long as the stones existed, someone else might try to use them in the same way. At this point in the Infinity…

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