Customers claim that the thieves stole money from their Chime accounts

Customers claim that the thieves stole money from their Chime accounts

Several users recently contacted Action 9’s Jason Stoogenke, claiming to be having issues with the popular online banking platform Chime.

Customers told Stoogenke that money was taken from their accounts and that the company was holding them accountable.

Chime is a technology startup that provides mobile banking services, not a bank. It comes with a number of benefits, including FDIC insurance.

Tashandra Brown says she got a notification on her phone stating that someone had used her card at an ATM to withdraw $545.

Another customer, who asked Channel 9 not to use their name, says she was at work when someone stole money out of her account. “If I’m at work around this time, nowhere near, probably about 30 minutes away from where the transaction happened, how did I do that?” she said.

She knew it was not her, so she filed a police report.

Most of the customers who got in touch with Action 9 say they contacted Chime, but the company did not help them.

“I did everything on my end as a cardholder that I could do. Anything else is literally up to the bank,” Brown said. “I couldn’t pay my rent because of that, so my rent was late. I was scared about eviction … I have four children and we don’t have a lot of family.”

Stoogenke emailed Chime about the two customers interviewed in this report. About 24 hours later, the company responded, saying it “takes matters like this very seriously,” and credited both accounts. Chime offers advice on its website here.

Action 9′s advice: – Be persistent.

– Filing a police report seems to help. – Contact Action 9 if you need help.

Stoogenke also asked Chime why he’s come across multiple cases in the last few months, but the company did not answer in time for this report.

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