Covid’s positivity rate remains high; testing, antiviral pills in demand News

Covid’s positivity rate remains high;  testing, antiviral pills in demand  News

“We do know that persons who are hospitalized, even if they’ve been vaccinated and are hospitalized, they have less severe illness,” said Alabama Health Officer Dr. Karen Landers. “We certainly know that this is a particular group that has many more challenges when it comes to Covid.”

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  • This week marks the start of eligibility for a fourth Covid dose for some immunocompromised people. 

  • Certain immunocompromised people can now roll up their sleeves; but, only if they got their third dose six months ago.

More people infected in the state means more people looking for treatment.

“Keep in mind that Walmart has a presence pretty much all across the state of Alabama,” Landers said. “But then again we are not choosing Walmart for any reason other than that they are part of the federal pharmacy partnership.”

Dr. Landers says Alabama received 1,000 doses of Pfizer’s anti-viral Covid treatment pills. She says each dose went to a Walmart pharmacy.

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Testing demand also remains high. President Biden has promised at-home tests to every American.

Dr. Landers says she believes at-home testing is the future, but doesn’t have any idea when those federally-gifted tests will arrive on Alabamian’s doorsteps. “Right now, if you have a positive test, if you’ve got symptoms of Covid, yeah, then you’ve got Covid,” Dr. Landers said. “In terms of the future, I do think that having at-home testing is very useful and we’re glad that that’s coming available not only in the state of Alabama but throughout the nation.”

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