COVID-19 cases are increasing among children News

COVID-19 cases are increasing among children  News

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  • COVID-19 cases increasing among children

  • TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI)- According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, COVID-19 cases among children are higher now than other waves of the pandemic. During the first week of January over 580,000 COVID-19 cases in children were reported. While cases continue to rise so do hospitalization rates.

Health experts say nearly all the children hospitalized have yet to be vaccinated. Health officials recommend getting your children vaccinated to help prevent severe cases.

“If you’re concerned about spreading whatever it could be cold, flu, cold wear your mask and of course get vaccinated if you are ready to get that done” says Craft.

Public health nurse for the Vigo county health department, Andrea Craft, says parents should take steps to help keep their kids healthy.

A local mother, Michelle-Jarvis Mollet, was worried for her son when he contracted COVID-19 last week. Her son, Christian, has autoimmune deficiencies and heart issues that amplify the symptoms he develops with an illness. Christian developed a 105 temperature, a bad cough, and stomach issues.

“I had to make the decision do I want to take him into the hospital or wait for it to get worse, and for me, it was I needed to watch and wait because I didn’t want to take him around more sickness” says Jarvis-Mollet. 

She says Christian developed the virus after she made plans for him to get vaccinated. “I think it would have helped him tremendously. I mean, we’re now ten days out, and he still has the barking cough.”

Mollet-Jarvis believes if her son had been vaccinated, he wouldn’t have become as sick as he did. She plans to get him vaccinated when she is able. “I would encourage all parents all people to do talk to your medical professional that you trust 100 percent the questions that give you the scariest answers ask them because they’re going to be honest with you.”

Click here to find a list of local sites you can take your child to get vaccinated. 

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