CO-OP gaming has just bled thanks to Bethesda RedFall’s first gaming

CO-OP gaming has just bled thanks to Bethesda RedFall's first gaming

Bethesda Releases First RedFall Trailer CO-OP Gaming Has Just Become a Bloodbath -06/12/2022 -Caleb Gayle REDFALL, Bethesda’s next co-op first-person shooter, was shown in action for the first time. The release date for this highly anticipated film was just pushed back to early 2023, but that isn’t necessarily a terrible thing. Based on the gameplay, it appears that this game will have a large environment to explore with others. It also appears that playing this game solo would be quite difficult, so you should start forming a team right once! RedFall is coming to PC, Xbox, and DayOne on Gamepass in 2023!

CO-OP gaming has just bled thanks to Bethesda RedFall’s first gaming

Familiar Redfall sites like Downtown and seafront boardwalks lead to otherworldly spaces that alter reality in frightening ways. Discover the mystery of Redfall’s vampire threat through narrative-driven action and environmental storytelling

Redfall, the latest game from Arkane Austin, is the open-world, co-op FPS set in the island town of Redfall, Massachusetts that has been overrun by a legion of vampires. The first official gameplay reveal showed off the moment-to-moment gameplay, featuring the continued legacy of creative game mechanics that Arkane Austin is known for. Players will discover interesting ways to combine the powers and abilities of their teammates to fight off the vampire horde. Redfall features a deep skill system for each character. There’s Devinder, the overly curious cryptozoologist, Layla, the telekinetic college student, Remi, the brilliant and dependable combat engineer, and Jacob, the hardened ex-military sharpshooter

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