China conceals Rinpoche’s death and exposes Tibetan oppression

China conceals Rinpoche's death and exposes Tibetan oppression

The Chinese authorities have attempted to conceal news of the death of a popular Tibetan lama in yet another demonstration of China’s control over Tibet. The death of Rinpoche, who was 86 years old, was kept hidden by Chinese officials. Posts on the Tibetan lama’s death were also removed from social media networks, with strong warnings against sharing. After Rinpoche’s thukdam, in which an adept meditator’s consciousness is believed to stay in the body for a period of time after death, Chinese security personnel established severe controls, protecting the Lhasa mansion where Rinpoche breathed his final breath. Devotees were not allowed to pay their final respects to the Tibetan monk or obtain blessings.

The Chinese government’s act of arresting the six-year-old, Tibet’s Panchen Lama and keeping information about him as a well-guarded state secret for the past 27 years has exposed the failure of their policies and seven-decade long colonial rule over Tibet. The Chinese officials even went to the extent of appointing Gyaltsen Norbu as the successor of the Panchen Lama, forcing Tibetans to attend his teachings, solely based on the Communist Party’s schemes

After numerous requests from the Rinpoche’s students, his dead body was transferred to the Ganden Dargyeling Monastery in Nagchu from Lhasa where only a few Tibetans were allowed to pay homage, causing a slight scuffle between the Chinese police and the Tibetans. Further, Rinpoche’s cremation was held in the presence of barely a few monks from his monastery who were thoroughly searched. Such action by the Chinese authorities reveals the sad reality of the lack of religious rights in Tibet. However, Tibetans have also formerly witnessed such acts of injustice and false convictions.

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