Cam Newton admits that he got into trouble with the Panthers and Patriots

Cam Newton admits that he got into trouble with the Panthers and Patriots

Cam Newton refuses to believe that there are 32 quarterbacks in the world who are better than him. Those who don’t trust him, however, can rest assured that he is waiting for the appropriate opportunity to show you wrong.

This ain’t no remorse. This ain’t no ‘I want somebody to feel sorry for me.’ This is me acknowledging that I understand I’ll own up jumping up in some (messed) up siutations,” Newton said about his last two seasons of football. He began with 2020, where he started in 15 games for the 7-9 New England Patriots.

The Pivot Podcast, hosted by former NFL players Ryan Clark, Fred Taylor, and Channing Crowder, featured the Carolina Panthers’ all-time top passer on Tuesday’s episode. Crowder’s doubt of what Newton has left at 33 years old elicited some interesting contemplation and perspective from the former Most Valuable Player, and it didn’t take long for the guys to get down to business.

“I was still learning the offense seven to eight weeks into the season,” said Newton, who signed with the Patriots on July 8 of that year. “I’m learning systems mentally. As a quarterback, it’s not just, ‘Can you catch?’ It’s not just . . . you can disguise that. As a quarterback, you have to look the part, act the part and be the part.

“Did I know it? Yes. To the degree I needed to know it to show the world that I’m still Cam Newton? No, I didn’t. But I put myself in that situation.”

“So there was countless hours with (quarterbacks coach) Jedd Fisch. There was was countless hours with (offensive coordinator) Josh McDaniels. There was countless hours with so many different people trying to teach me certain things, and it was just brain overload. So there was times I was goin’ to the line and I’m still thinkin’. I’m thinkin’ about the annunciation of the play. I’m thinkin’ about forgettin’ my motions. I’m thinkin’ about my sight adjust. I’m thinkin’ about certain things. So that’s the (messed) up situation.

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