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US officials say they can focus on the Indo-Pacific and European battles

US officials say they can focus on the Indo-Pacific and European battles

News Tech: The White House Indo-Pacific policy coordinator said on Monday that the United States will continue to focus on the Indo-Pacific despite the Ukraine crisis, noting that Washington has previously worked in two areas simultaneously, including during World War II and the Cold War. He added that he was very involved. It’s expensive. But it’s also important, and I think we’re entering a time when it’s demanded of the United States and this generation of Americans,” official Kurt Campbell said.

Biden also sent a delegation of former security officials to Taiwan on Monday, amid fears that China will try to crack down on Taiwan using distractions from the West. expressed his support for Taiwan. He said, “You will see the full range of diplomacy, institutions, overall operations. Mira Rapp-Hooper, director of US Indo-Pacific strategy at the White House National Security Council, said she is confident that Russia’s aggression against Ukraine was not at the hands of the US and India-Pacific Golds.

“There is a deep awareness and intent here within the administration of the White House to support every element of the Indo-Pacific commitment,” Campbell said. Campbell said the coming months would demonstrate US “commitment” to maintain high-level engagement in the region. President Joe Biden has declared policy and resource priorities to roll back China’s growing influence. Biden will host a summit with Southeast Asian leaders in March, and will attend quad group summits in the United States, Australia, Japan and India in May. Campbell said Biden will also participate in talks with Southeast Asian countries this year.

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“In some ways, the resources that we are currently sending to Ukraine are actually quite different from what we are going to do as part of our Indo-Pacific strategy.” It doesn’t mean you can’t do both, but it does mean you can plan for both at the same time.” Campbell and Rupp Hooper put China’s position against Russian aggression on the global map three weeks after Beijing and Moscow announced their enhanced strategic partnership. The White House called on China to condemn Russia’s actions. This is the largest attack on a European country since World War II.